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Welcome to Le Tréport, an elegant wedding venue in Mississauga situated in the heart of the city. Le Tréport has established a reputation for hosting wedding and corporate events with uncompromised service, elegance, and a delectable cuisine experience. We are a full-service wedding hall and event venue with a dedicated team where you can host all your life events.

Our team has successfully hosted countless weddings, corporate events, and special events in our storied Mississauga banquet halls. And now, we want the opportunity to provide you with the perfect venue for your special day. Book a consultation at our ideally located venue in Mississauga today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Le Tréport’s wedding venue in Mississauga from other banquet halls?

Not many other Mississauga banquet halls – or any Toronto wedding venues for that matter – can boast the mix of elegance, in-house services, and centrality that Le Tréports wedding venue can.

Our wedding banquet halls have it all. They’re stylish, modern, timeless, and elegant. The wedding venue is stocked with amenities, equipment, and tools. Our venue staff is experienced and flexible. We’re the most centrally located Mississauga banquet hall, boxed in by four major highways, and our world-class banquet hall catering is the delicious cherry on top of our stunning wedding venue.

People dream of big weddings, luxurious décor adorning a dramatic banquet hall, and powerful corporate events in a value-driven venue. They dream of special days made even more special by the care, attention and love we place into every detail of our Mississauga venue.

Le Tréport’s event and wedding venues in Mississauga are lavish banquet halls where people come to dream. Our Mississauga banquet halls are here for the dreamers.

What are Le Tréport’s event and wedding venues in Mississauga

Le Tréport is home to a handful of banquet halls, each offering different sizes and atmospheres to suit the unique needs of your wedding or any other special event. We are proud to offer the following venues at our wedding hall in Mississauga:

I. The Trillium Room
II. Trillium East
III. Trillium West
IV. The Orchid Room
V. The Hibiscus Room
VI. The Chapel

Why and when to book a Le Tréport banquet hall in Mississauga

You can book a banquet hall at Le Tréport anytime you want an elegant venue in Mississauga where you can create memories. Book a consultation to find the right Le Treport banquet hall in Mississauga for your special event needs.

When it comes to Le Tréport’s Mississauga wedding venues, special event halls and corporate event spaces, pre-planning goes a long way. As a best practice, we recommend booking far in advance to ensure a space at one of our exquisite banquet halls. Our wedding banquet halls and corporate event spaces are popular. That said, if you have a short lead time, it can’t hurt to try us – we may have a banquet hall available.

Are sound systems included in Le Tréport banquet halls?

There are no sound systems in Le Tréport’s event banquet halls or wedding banquet halls. Your DJ or band will need to provide the sound system, including extension cords, microphones, adapters, and additional equipment for our wedding venue in Mississauga. Alternatively, you may bring your own equipment to the venue.

What is included in Le Tréport wedding packages?

At Le Tréport’s Mississauga wedding venue, every happy couple enjoys layers of luxury. Our wedding banquet hall packages include the ballroom rental fee, a professionally decorated dais and cake table, premium floor-length tablecloths, a private bridal suite, microphones, venue podium and staging, guest parking, your very own personal wedding coordinator and much more. Please visit our Weddings page for all the details or come see us in person.

Can I decorate the banquet hall the night before my event?

We ask that you set up your banquet hall on the day of the event. Speak with your coordinator about arrival times for vendors and entertainment at our Mississauga banquet halls. If by chance, our Mississauga venue isn’t booked the day prior to your event, we can work out a nominal fee for advanced setup.

What kind of events does Le Tréport host at its banquet halls in Mississauga?

Here are a few different occasions when you can book our venue in Mississauga:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events like team building events, executive retreats, and seminars
  • Celebrations of life
  • Grad celebrations
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Bridal showers
  • Sweet 16s
  • Quinceaneras
  • And many more occasions.
Is there a minimum number of guests to book Le Tréport wedding venues?

We require a 50-guest minimum to book our wedding venue. If you are planning an event with less than 50 guests, chat with us about making accommodations. At our Mississauga banquet halls, we can typically accommodate a smaller event for a nominal room rental fee.

Is a deposit needed to book a Le Tréport banquet hall?

Like all banquet halls and event spaces, we require a monetary deposit to secure your date, room, and services. The deposit policy and amount will ultimately depend on the minimum value terms/terms & conditions laid out in your agreement. To hash out the details – and sign, initial and complete a contract – chat with the team at our venue in Mississauga.

Can I hold or serve a date before booking a banquet hall?

Vetting wedding venues is a process – we understand that. You want to snag the perfect banquet hall for your big day.

We’re happy to accommodate holds at our Mississauga wedding venue for a moderate amount of time. Just keep in mind that holds are not reservations, and after that moderate time elapses, we will release the hold.

When is the deadline for different wedding details?

Menus, times of arrival, and service details (bar details, linen colours, vendor requirements, etc.) are due no later than one month prior to your event at Le Tréport’s Mississauga venue. Your final guest count and completed floor plan must be submitted 10 days prior to your event. If any guests have dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible (10 days prior, at the latest) so we can make accommodations through our banquet hall catering team.

What upgrades are available at Le Tréport wedding venues?

Like all the best banquet halls in Mississauga, Le Tréport leaves room for upgrades. We want you to have the perfect wedding or event day – whatever that means to you.

You want your very own poutine bar to showcase Canada for out-of-country guests? We’ve got you covered. Love the idea of a sumptuous chocolate fountain for your decadent wedding hall? We can provide just that. Chat with us about the fun, opulent room upgrades we offer at our Mississauga wedding venues.

Are candles permitted in Le Tréport banquet halls?

Yes, candles are permitted, but we need to approve the candles prior to your event at Le Tréport’s banquet halls. For fire safety, all candles that pass through our halls in Mississauga must be encased in a non-flammable holder.

Alternatively, there are some beautiful LED candles on the market these days – something to consider as you plan your wedding or special event.

Do Le Tréport wedding venues in Mississauga close bars during dinner?

Let the good times roll at Le Tréport banquet halls in Mississauga. Unless otherwise specified by you, the bar will stay open throughout the wedding dinner so your guests can share in the merriment. If you want to establish specific bar times in your banquet hall, speak to your wedding coordinator.

How much does Le Tréport event and wedding venues in Mississauga cost?

The short answer is: It varies. To determine the cost of a wedding venue in Mississauga for your event, book a consultation through our website, or contact us to learn more about the pricing structure of our event spaces.

Is parking available for Le Tréport wedding venues?

Of course! As a centrally located wedding hall in Mississauga, we see several cars pass through our large parking lots – and plenty of out-of-province licence plates too! We offer free onsite parking to all event guests.

When are all fees due?

Once you submit final numbers 10 days prior to the event (see above), we’ll send you the final invoice. All event balances are due prior to the event date. Our venue takes payment by cash, Interac, bank drafts, certified cheques, Visa and Mastercard. (Please note: Visa and Mastercard payments are subject to a 2% administrative charge).

How can I book a wedding venue at Le Tréport?

Book a consultation through our website or contact us by phone or email to get the ball rolling. Our wedding banquet halls in Mississauga are simple to reserve, and our corporate venues are just as easy to secure.

Our talented, experienced team will guide you through the process at every step of the journey. We look forward to showcasing what our modern wedding venue, sophisticated corporate banquet halls and luminous special event spaces can do for your big day.