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Consider Renting a Venue for Your Next Special Event


Credit: racool-studio Via Freepik

Planning a big event can elicit several strong emotions. Obviously, you’ll feel the excitement and adrenaline of watching the various pieces come together. But on the other side of the coin, you may occasionally feel nervousness and fear – “what if it all unravels?”. You might feel eager for the big day to roll around, whilst biting your nails in white-knuckled anticipation. Don’t worry – that’s totally normal!

Our job at Le Tréport is to ensure you feel more of the “excitement” and less of the “anxiety.” As one of the most trusted event venues in Mississauga and the GTA, we’ve shepherded countless event planners and hosts through the process. We understand all of those big emotions, and aim to take them off your plate so you can enjoy the fruits of your planning. 

In this post, we explain the advantages of renting a venue. Here’s why you should consider finding a high-quality venue for your next special event. 

Why Rent a High-Quality Venue? 

In the nascent stages of event planning, you’re forced to make a choice. You can plan your event in a common space, like your property or a multi-purpose facility. Or you can opt for a dedicated event venue. 

Perhaps we’re biased, but we think the second option is far superior. In this section, let’s review the undeniable benefits of a dedicated event venue – from convenience to centrality, and impressiveness to amenities. 


Some call it “the X factor.” Others call it “the wow factor.” It’s that attention-grabbing quality that all the best events share. Here, we’re calling it “unforgettability,” and we believe it’s what separates excellent events from the rest.   

When your guests leave, you want them to talk about your event for days, weeks, or even years. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event for clients or a bar mitzvah for friends and family, you want to make an indelible impression on people. Throwing a memorable event helps strengthen ties to your community – whether it’s a professional network or social circle. 

A dazzling, modern event venue delivers that unforgettable quality. The reason Le Tréport continues to be one of the most popular banquet halls in Mississauga is that we capture that “wow factor.” We’ve had countless clients come to us after attending another event here as a guest, eager to recreate the magic for their own event. 

Credit: freepic-diller Via Freepik


Chances are, your guests will be coming from all over Mississauga and the GTA. To maximize your guests’ convenience, it’s best practice to find a central event location. 

The problem with private properties and mixed-use spaces is they’re often in hard-to-reach residential areas – far from the arterial highways connecting disparate city districts. Getting in and out can be a hassle. 

One of the central benefits of an event venue like Le Tréport is that we’re smack dab in the middle of the action. Encircled by four major highways, our premier event space is a breeze for guests to reach. 

Increased Attendance

Alongside “guest satisfaction,” professional event planners look to “attendance rate” as a metric for determining success. Your attendance rate reveals a lot: how effective your marketing was, the overall attractiveness of the event package, and whether time and location proved to be obstacles for people. 

Most people reading this article probably aren’t professional event planners. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a page from the event-planner playbook. To increase attendance at your event, choose a central location (see above) that you can market with dazzling photos. 

Our venue is particularly photogenic. It features a mixture of classic beauty and modern renovations that look fantastic on an invitation or promotional materials. When guests see what Le Tréport has to offer, they’re bound to RSVP with a quick “yes.”

Ease of Planning

When planning an event from a private property or commercial space, you have to coordinate everything: parking, venue preparation, service staff, catering, etc. It can be a high-wire juggling act.

Isn’t it easier to consolidate those tasks and delegate them to a professional event venue team? When you host a special event at Le Tréport, you get a white-glove, turnkey experience. We have free parking on an accessible attached lot and a world-class in-house catering team (more on that below). Further, we help you through every step of the event planning process – from decorating to tech support. 

In-House Catering

Speaking of ease, you can take advantage of our in-house catering for your next event. Consult with our excellent chefs and waitstaff to convey your vision for the big event, and let us do the rest. 

Our in-house Mississauga catering team knows the event space intimately, ensuring that food and drink service runs smoothly. They’re also incredibly flexible, and able to execute several cuisine types. 

With catering taken care of, you have one less thing on your plate (no pun intended), so you can focus on more important event matters. 


People tend to consider the obvious event amenities – bathrooms and parking. But an excellent event needs more than bathroom stalls and parking stalls. It needs a sound system, a projector, a stage, tables, carts, archways, breakaway rooms, and much more. 

These are the kinds of amenities you’ll only find at a high-quality event venue. If you’re looking for a corporate event venue in Mississauga that can support tech-enabled presentations and breakaway workshops, Le Tréport is your venue. Likewise, if you’re hosting a celebration of life with a slideshow and speeches, we have you covered. 

What Kinds of Special Events Do We Host? 

At Le Tréport, we’re open to the entire spectrum of special events. Naturally, we’re popular with the wedding crowd, including large multicultural unions and LGBTQ+ weddings. But we’re just as comfortable hosting corporate events, prom nights, baptisms, company holiday parties, celebrations of life, teambuilding events, and more. 

If you’re interested in elevating your next special event, contact us through our website. Take advantage of our stunning modern interiors, high-quality amenities, central location and experienced staff. And make your upcoming event a stress-free celebration to remember.