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Fun Wedding Games for Your Reception


While your wedding may be one the biggest and most significant events you and your spouse have ever held, your wedding is ultimately a celebration. Therefore, the same rules of entertaining apply the same to both a wedding and hosting a party. A nice time is always assured by excellent food, good music, and good company. And what party is complete without games?

When considering how to plan a wedding, try to include guests in activities makes the celebration more memorable. Wedding games can promote conversation and help involve guests on your special day and ensure that your friends and family get to know their tablemates. Games can also help to occupy the youngsters while their parents have fun at your wedding undisturbed.

Check out the following suggestions for games for wedding receptions to make the occasion unforgettable.


A trivia wedding game is fun and interactive for guests to discover more about the newlyweds. Questions regarding the bride and groom’s relationship; personal questions about the bride and groom; inquiries about the ceremony, reception, or pre-wedding celebrations; this or that questions; and even risqué topics (but keep it classy, this is a wedding, after all!)

These inquiries should centre on the history and dynamics of the bride and groom. This is a fun and interesting approach for visitors to discover more about the nature of their relationship. The game is also an excellent icebreaker for making timid and introverted visitors feel more at ease and participate with one another.

Some examples of questions can include the following:

  • Where did the couple meet?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Where did they have their first date?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • What are their pet names for each other?

Mr. & Mrs. & The Shoe Game

Guests aren’t the only ones who can engage in trivia-like question games! 

The Mr. & Mrs. quiz is the ideal entertaining wedding game for figuring out how well you and your partner know one another. The bride and groom can sit at the table with whiteboards as guests brainstorm topics such as ‘what is their celebrity crush’ or ‘if you could eat supper with anybody, who would it be?’ Ask a trustworthy visitor to comb through the questions and come up with some amusing solutions!

The shoe game is a similar concept game to Mr. & Mrs. with a slight variation. The wedding shoe game is a well-liked reception game that checks the couple’s familiarity with one another. The newlyweds will have to respond to a range of questions without knowing one other’s replies, ranging from the funniest to the better cook.

To play, the couple should sit on the chairs so they cannot see each other. Both should take off their shoes and exchange one shoe with each other. In other words, each individual will have one pair of shoes they own and one pair that belongs to their spouse.  Rather than shouting the answers to the asked questions, the wedding pair will instead lift the shoe of who they think the answer belongs to, whenever a question is posed.

Outdoor Wedding? Bring Outdoor games!

If your wedding takes place at an outdoor venue, take advantage of the wide-open outdoors by bringing in some outdoor games.

Cornhole: Make your guests’ favourite tailgate activity into a fun wedding activity. Create a memorable backyard wedding game that you can play in your own yard for years to come by personalizing the boards with your names, your wedding date, or your wedding monogram.

Ring Toss: Use the wedding games variation of ring throw to commemorate the exchange of rings. Make your own ring toss set by painting glass wine or soda bottles in your wedding colours and decorating them with artificial gems to resemble your wedding bands.

Ladder Golf: Playing ladder golf with two or more people is sure to be entertaining! Bolas, which are two golf balls tied to either end of a nylon rope, are thrown at the ladder by teams in turn. Whoever scores 21 points first wins! To get everyone interacting, this is a terrific wedding game to match up with people who haven’t yet met.

Photo Station

Having quality pictures from the wedding is crucial. Photos of you and your spouse, your centrepieces, or our stunning wedding venues in Mississauga are perfectly picturesque for your big day. However, if you plan ahead and consider how you and your visitors will be photographed, you can come up with some great and creative ideas that can make a great activity.

For instance, in addition to lovely or humorous backdrops (depending on your guests and wedding theme), you may set up a fun photo booth with props.

Your wedding guests will cherish their memories of how they appeared in Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube frames or how they giggled when trying on glasses, a moustache, or a large ring.

When it comes to choosing props, they can range from ones inspired by Snapchat filters to funny wedding ones, or, if it’s a themed wedding, stick to specific props that embrace your wedding location, season, theme, and colours. For instance, choose beach balls, sun, watermelons, and cocktails if it’s a beach wedding.

Whatever fun wedding games you choose to have at your wedding, whether they be indoor trivia or outdoor adventures, your guests will surely have a smile on their faces the whole night and again when they see the photos later!

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