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Say Yes This Winter, Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Winter Wedding


Nothing is more romantic than exchanging vows during the snowy skies of winter. Winter weddings are rife with the opportunity to imbue the day with warmth and charm, from the extensive use of winter colour palettes to the use of seasonal flowers for winter weddings and the wonderful festive food and drink.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning a winter event does not necessarily have to be Christmas or holiday theme, decorated in red, green, and glittering metallics. These themes are fine, but they are not your only option for winter wedding decorations. 

There are many lovely ways to organize a winter wedding, whether you wear warm-weather apparel, serve specialty drinks that reflect the season’s essence, or go all-in on a snowy white colour palette. The followings are some tips and ideas for the perfect winter wedding.

Venues for Winter Weddings

If you’re a fan of winter weddings, there’s no better destination to get married than Canada, where winter is what we’re known for! A great thing about winter weddings is that there are often far more bookings available for booking than there is any other time of year. One thing to remember when selecting venues for a winter wedding is you will need to provide shelter from the cold elements for your guests.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor ceremony in one of our Mississauga wedding venues, or exterior backdrops for winter wedding photos, there is no shortage of scenery for a Canadian winter wedding.

Dressing For the Season

Wondering what to wear to a winter wedding? Finding a dress for a winter wedding that shows your personal bridal style and is functional. The last thing you want is to be trembling from the cold at the altar.

As a result, whether you’re being married inside or outside, we advise opting for winter wedding dresses made from heavy materials like crepe, velvet, lace, and brocade. These warm, opulent textiles are appropriate for chilly backdrops and inviting settings.

We’ve gathered some of our favourites, from lovely budget buys to incredibly magical designs, to assist you in finding winter wedding dresses that are both fashionable and suitable for the weather. A faux-fur coat or shawl draped over your shoulders can also add elegance to your winter motif while keeping you warm during the ceremony.

As for the wedding party, consider black, dark blues, or deep greens for winter wedding colours. Elevated accents such as velvet jackets, ties, and loafers for the groom and groomsmen all showcase a rich aesthetic. Long gowns in sombre winter wedding colours like slate or navy blue, grey, cranberry, or black for winter wedding bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids’ outfits will also look great, coupled with cozy accessories like blanket scarves, pashmina wraps, or matching faux furs to match your own.

Consider including a black tie dress requirement on your invitations for the rest of your guests, as there is no better time for formal wear than a beautiful winter affair.

Serve in Style

A winter wedding is an ideal time to serve your guests some of the coziest, tastiest, and most comfortable dishes possible. Seasonal dishes always taste the finest, and winter weddings receive that extra splash of comfort when it comes to serving your wedding meal. Our menu at Le Tréport offers you a variety of fine selections that showcase both taste and refinement.

Consider playing up the winter theme by replacing a classic bar with a hot spiked cider or mulled wine bar. Few things taste more like winter than these season drinks, and including these delectable beverages in your wedding will be the ideal accompaniment to the brisk air.

When it comes to the food, you’ll want to warm everyone’s palettes with the best comfort foods.

Hot soups, rich pasta, savoury roasts, and steaming seasonal roast vegetables are all great selections.

In the case of veggies, Roasted carrots, squash and potatoes sound heavenly. Serve these winter dishes as a side dish or all by themselves. With roasted seasonal vegetables on hand, those with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians and vegans, won’t feel left out of your winter wedding.

Anything with figs will make everyone experience the spirit of the season! Consider the classic winter fig if you’re looking to add a touch of sweetness to tie your dishes together. Fig stuffing, fig pudding, lardon-fig twists with bacon filling, and fig pie are all winter favourites!


Think again if you can’t have a gorgeous winter wedding bouquet. There are several blooms that are at their optimum throughout the winter season, as well as all of the wedding flowers that are in bloom all year. The nice part is that most florals complement other winter seasonal elements like pinecones, berries, fresh evergreens, and more.

Did you know that some of the most popular wedding flowers, such as anemones, orchids, ranunculus, blue thistle, and sweet peas, are in bloom between November and February?

And let’s not forget the plethora of other seasonal flowers, such as amaryllis, hellebores, and the ultimate Christmas bloom: poinsettias.

Looking at the above, it’s easy to feel relief knowing that despite the icy conditions outside, your wedding will be rife with nature’s blossoms.

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