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Your Guide to the In’s and Out’s Wedding Trends This Year


After two years of uncertainty, 2022 saw a tremendous increase in weddings – over 2.6 million! With various weddings, many brides-to-be went to social media and Pinterest boards to plan their big days, not to mention the profusion of celebrities marrying, resulting in a new wave of wedding trends and inspirations.

While some wedding trends and customs are permanent, such as the classic white wedding gown and bright red flowers, others fade or return over time.  

From micro-bouquets to signature cocktails, here are some predictions for the most popular trends when you plan a wedding in 2023.

Tossing Out the Bouquet Toss

For hundreds of years, the bouquet toss has been a wedding custom. It originated in England, where touching the bride was said to bring good luck to guests. As a result, partygoers would try to rip off pieces of the bride’s bridal gown or flowers in the hope that some of her prosperity would be transferred to them.

But over the last few years, the bouquet toss has been seen less and less at wedding ceremonies. This decline may be to modern times, with hosts of the wedding not wanting to interrupt those having a good time on the dance floor, and the single wedding attendees in the mix may feel a little more awkward in today’s society being singled out for their relationship status.

Rather than watching bridesmaids dive over each other to anticipate who will be next to marry, a rising wedding trend is to hand off the bouquet to a family member at the wedding party to show appreciation, such as the mothers or grandmothers. Another suggestion is to give it to a couple attending the event who have been married the longest, as a sign of the longevity of marriage.

While the tossing of the bouquet may be going out of the window of wedding trends, the florals themselves are not. According to Pinterest Trends, people are looking for modest, smaller bouquets instead of the wild, extravagant arrangements seen in previous years. A rising trend emerging in 2023 is petite bouquets. These elegant handhelds are constructed of delicate blooms such as lily of the valley, lilac, astilbe, and lavender. These tiny and simple bouquets aren’t just pretty; they’re also functional for carrying around for extended periods and don’t hide you and your dress behind the wall of florals.

Sustainability is Leaving a Long Impression

Today’s generation is the most environmentally concerned yet, emphasizing waste reduction and sustainability more than ever. But what does this have to do with wedding trends?

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, but with tossed paper goods, excess food thrown away, and leftover flowers put in the garbage, it can also be a day that generates a lot of extra waste.

Consider alternatives such as reusable napkins that can be washed and limiting the food on the menu to reduce waste. Our in-house catering in Mississauga offers a wonderful menu that can be tailored to you and your wedding’s needs.

Use more sustainable blooms for decor, such as potted plants that can be reused or seeded, rather than single-use products like balloons.

You don’t have to wait until the wedding day to start thinking about sustainability. Wedding invitations can be printed on recycled paper or natural materials such as wood and fabrics or omitted entirely in favour of electronic invites.

Add Your Signatures to a Cocktail

Toast to a long and happy marriage with delectable cocktails that will be a hit on your wedding day.

A growingly popular wedding trend is to create custom cocktails based on you, and your partner is an excellent way to include your personality into your menu. Consider the main aspects you’d connect with yourself and your spouse while creating your wedding cocktails. Are they tasty? Are they daring? Bubbly? This will assist you in developing your core concept for your drink.

Don’t be scared to collaborate with a mixologist or simply conduct some testing at home. Gather a handful of your favourite spirits, syrups, juices, and cocktail garnishes, and spend some time experimenting with different combinations with your fiancé, friends, and family. This will assist you in determining what works and what does not. After all, you’ll want to sip the beverage you made!

It’s Still All About the Dress

One wedding trend will always be important: wearing the right dress. Modern brides select minimalism and sleek silhouettes while using fresh details like embroidery to take it to the next level in wedding dress trends.

While white remains the quintessential wedding trend colour, throughout 2022, there was a boom in colourful outfits as bridal runways began to emerge with brilliant alternatives to the timeless classic throughout the year.

Pastel colours, like pastel blue and blush, are a white alternative that still creates a classic and delicate image, whilst bold floral prints and metallics are ideal for more daring brides.

Speaking of rising trends, high necklines in wedding dress trends are becoming more popular as a result of superstars such as Jennifer Lopez.

The beauty of high-neck wedding dresses is that they can be made in any fabric silhouette, so your possibilities are limitless! While it may appear to be a more modest wedding style, its popularity in recent years has made it a modern mainstay. You may surely locate a gorgeous high-neck wedding gown! Your high-neckline wedding gown can have a mock neck, halter neck, illusion neckline, or a traditional modest neckline.

Classic and traditional wedding attires such as long-length gloves and corsets have all come back into fashion thanks to period-piece shows such as Bridgerton to help add ornamentation to more conventional wedding attires.

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